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the Claremont Review is a magazine that showcases inspiring young adult writers, aged 13-19. We publish poetry, fiction, drama and art, twice a year, spring and fall. If you are interested in submitting your work check out our submission guidelines.

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This Issue...

Know the rules before you break them. This is one of the most taught principles of all art forms. The idea is to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have come before you and learn their craft before you go all rogue and decide an Elizabethan sonnet could be thirteen lines and why not make the metric foot trochaic as opposed to iambic. Indeed, why not? Well, until you have written at least 14 Elizabethan sonnets, then you have no business messing with the form. Some writers take years to bend their will and their egos to the legacy of the masters. Some never do and spend eternity claiming, “People don’t ‘get’ me or my work,” which makes for a long and lonely creative life. Ask Joaquin Phoenix how well his hip-hop career is going…

All the contributors in this issue are obviously well informed of the rules of their genre. It was a pleasure selecting the pieces and working with its author/creator during the editorial process. Responses were professional and our suggestions for improvement welcomed. We thank each of you for this; it sure made putting together our first issue much easier.

That’s the other thing: our first issue. In the fall of 2012, the founding editors of the Claremont Review retired after over twenty successful years of publishing. To Terence Young, Bill Stenson and Susan Stenson, we say a huge thank you for providing a credible magazine to showcase young talent. The new team has giant shoulders to stand upon and we promise to maintain the literary standards which define the Claremont Review. We also would like to thank our Managing Editor, Linda Moran, for agreeing to stay with us a little longer. We couldn’t do it without her! Thanks to SIDES for continuing to sponsor our annual contest.

We did break a couple of the rules, however, and I will own those decisions; we agreed to publish one script and we accepted work from an author who falls a little short of the age requirements. Just this one time! Oksana Hovdebo writes with a talent and perspective rarely seen at her age and it was felt she deserved to be included in our magazine. She has also promised NOT to send us anymore work for a couple more years.

So, here is to a powerhouse of an issue, an all-new team of Editors, and at least twenty more years of the Claremont Review. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and visit our website anytime. Spread our words! Keep writing! More art!

- Jody


- the Claremont Review Fall 2013