the Claremont Review yearly Writing Contest results are in. Congratulations to the following winners and thank you to everyone who entered the contest. Please enjoy your free subsciption.


Poetry Winners:

First: Luisa Banchoff, Arlington, VA

Second: Allison Light, Little Rock, AK

Third: Daniel Johnson, Coon Rapids, MN

Honorable Mentions - Poetry


Luisa Banchoff, Arlington, VA

James Flannery, Boonton, NJ

Allison Light, Little Rock, AK



Fiction Winners:

First: Aldyn Chwelos, Victoria, BC

Second: Terra Taylor, Victoria BC


Terra Taylor


Third: Emily Burns, Pittsford, NY


Honorable Mentions - Fiction

Sarah Neal, San Francisco, CA







the Claremont Review has published its 40th issue. That's 20 years of dedication by our Editors, to publishing the voice of young students worldwide. And when you stop to think about it - that's longer than the students published have been alive!!

We want to share with you some of the fantastic things that make us who we are, and if you have more you can add to our page, please contact and let us know your story.


20th Anniversary Celebration




Bruce Frith, Principal
Claremont Secondary School

Susan Stenson, co-Editor

Kevin White, Principal
SIDES Distributed Learning



Susan Stenson, co-Editor

Erin Egan, co-Editor

Students who shared their readings


John Gould

Master of Ceremonies










Mitch Cram, Videographer, kindly recorded our 20th Anniversary Celebrations and if you wish to view part, or all of this memorable occasion, you can find it on the following link: 20th Anniversary Celebration








Susan Stenson, teacher and co-Editor of the Claremont Review, has been awarded a Certificate of Achievement for the 2010-2011 Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence. This outstanding honour is one of only 62 awarded across Canada this year. She was presented with her award at the launch of our 40th issue on November 9, 2011, by Mr. Bruce Frith, Principal of Claremont Secondary School.






Victoria poet, Wendy Morton, did a writing workshop at Greenwood College in Toronto, and handed out copies of the Claremont Review to all the young writers there. If your school supports the Claremont Review, let us know and we'll put a picture of you on our website too.




Kudos for the Claremont Review


I know how important it is to provide both readership and publication possibilities for young writers. Long before the birth of the Claremont Review, while I was teaching high school English and Creative Writing at the Nanaimo District Secondary School, I often wished that such a publication existed, as it would have been enormously encouraging to both students and teachers who were interested in writing. Nevertheless, we created our own modest possibilities, and a number of those students have since published books -- but I can't help but marvel at the difference .

Early encouragement and opportunities are extremely important. the Claremont Review is something of a miracle in this regard.

Best wishes,
Jack Hodgins