Issue #44


Issue #44 - Fall 2013

Editorial Comment Highlights



It scared me:
the familiarity,
the scent
of old habits.
And I followed
the trails,
the memories,
that once filled
the hollow
of my bones.
The emptiness
still resonates
every now and then
when I trace
the tails
that once filled
the hollow
of my bones.

- Fillings

by Britti Elizabeth Vandewater


This editorial needed to be written at the absolute worst time for me: multiple competing commitments and deadlines coupled with virtually no inspiration to share or wisdom to impart. In other words, a very busy life combined with writer’s block. I am certain all or at least most of the contributors in this issue have been in this position before. Demanding academic, athletic, artistic and social schedules can justifiably derail any and all attempts to put pen to paper, and yet, here is another excellent issue of the Claremont Review. Somehow, some way, each contributor found a way to eke out time to write, sketch, and photograph as did the hundreds of others who did not make the cut this round.

So, please read and view every piece in this issue. Get your friends and family to as well because everyone in it is worthy of the attention and promotion. Support each other’s efforts and celebrate the artistic community you take the time to put your voice and vision into. Especially read the judges’ comments regarding the winners from our contest and discover what sets these particular works apart.

We are grateful to the much sought after Sean Horlor, Garth Martens, Melanie Siebert, and Clea Young for lending the contest their extremely talented brains and choosing this year’s winners. Having them read for you (whether you were chosen or not) is a high honour, so know that your work was given the very best attention.

Thanks also to Karen Ross who redesigned our contest poster (see back ad pages) and to Andrea Soos of Poppet Art Studio in Victoria, B.C. for connecting our visual arts head hunter, Terra, with the cover artist for this issue. Once again, an enormous thanks to SIDES for continuing to be our contest sponsor and to the Canada Council for the Arts for its substantial annual funding of tCR.
Finally, thanks to our volunteer team of editors who take time out of their very busy lives to read, re-read, edit, edit some more, and respond to every single submission that arrives in our mailbox. Please remember that even a “rejection” has been giving a thorough and professional read. Take a moment to read the comments your editor makes and use them to improve on your next submission. Thanks always to Linda Moran who keeps the tCR house in good order.

You can find us in all the usual ways: our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Please note we have a new mailing address. We would love to get even more writers and artists sending us their work, so we appreciate any efforts you take to spread your words. Enjoy the fall issue.

– Jody

Table of Contents

cover art:Pretty Little Lost Girl by Riona Sarita Berg


Sara Riemer Wisdom Comes from Winters
  Greatness It Never Wasn't
Justin Beddington A Deadly Goodbye
Kayla Matthews Rusty Locket
Hannah McElderry Ink
Courtney Butler The Kiss I Never Gave You
Victoria Chan Insomniac: A Villanelle
Camille Petersen Headless Angel
  Cabin Fever (Hurricane 2012)
Leanne Farmer Fish
  Today's Affliction
Gabe Lunn Villanelle to Fidelity in February
  On Learning to be Nameless
  Somewhere in Non-Fiction
  Pantoum to a New Doorstep
Luisa Banchoff Conversation Across the Smoke
Jacqueline Pattee Bad Painters
  Writer's Block
Flannery James Promise
Shannon Jose Summer
Allison Light forecast
Phoebe Thomson Sister
Victoria Lan Wayward
Rebecca Greenberg The Brush
Meriah Drabkin On the Rocks
Mackenzie Blaisdell

Pest Removal
Alison Braid Goodbyes
Daniel Johnson Ishpeming, Michigan
Emily Winn August Insomnia
Eden Arielle Gordon Then We Can Be Together
William Brown A Bitter Mouthful
  How to Rob a Church
Jacqueline McKay I Would Like to Have Been
Britti Elizabeth Vandewater Fillings
Amanda Bamford Pantoum for the Broken
Aldyn Chwelos Nova
Sabrina Lui 810 Words
Phoebe Thomson

The Pebble Dash Virgo
Flannery James Anthesphoria
Darius Atefat-Peckham Bus Sessions
Terra Taylor

Cherry Cobbler
Emily Burns Text Messages for Greenland
Rosamond Atkin Cartoons
Sarah Neal Involuntary Actors
Visual Art
Rebecca Greenberg Confined
  A Cheerio's Evasion to the Tropics
Rory Finnegan Vulture


Miscellaneous Poetry & Fiction Judges Comments & Contributor Notes